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About Us


I’m Etna Castano, owner and founder of Guapissima Artisan Jewelry, mother of twin girls, and a shameless explorer of new experiences. For some time now I’ve felt like a fashionista stuck in a scientist’s body- no joke, I am a scientist with over 20 years of pharmaceutical work. Guapissima Artisan Jewelry represents my escape. While I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for my passion, I’ve found that following it is where the real fun (and challenge) begins. After much thought, I acted by choosing this new journey into the world of Artisan Jewelry. It’s a big jump, but one I never regret.

I run my online store in the US, but my artisans are based in Colombia where I come from. 

My goal is to provide customers with high-quality handmade jewelry that they cherish for life. We offer pieces that are unique and stylish, handmade with love to fit every occasion and taste.

I hope you'll like what you see and be inspired by the eye-catching designs, materials, techniques, and passion for the life that goes into our artisan jewelry. Please look at for our full range of jewelry pieces I’m sure you’ll love!

Our Mission

To create beautiful, unique and high-quality jewelry pieces handcrafted to elevate your self-esteem and raise your confidence

Our Vision

To be the leading artisanal jewelry brand where every piece tells a story of excellence and integrity.
We commit to handcrafting high-quality treasures that not only adorn but also connect with the conscious spirit of our customers. By pioneering innovative, eco-friendly practices, we strive to set the standard for sustainability in the jewelry industry, ensuring that our creations are as kind to the earth as they are beautiful to behold.