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About Us

I’m Etna Castano, owner and founder of Guapissima Artisan Jewelry, mother of twin girls, and a shameless explorer of new experiences. For some time now I’ve felt like a fashionista stuck in a scientist’s body- no joke, I am a scientist with over 20 years of pharmaceutical work. Guapissima Artisan Jewelry represents my escape. While I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for my passion, I’ve found that following it is where the real fun (and challenge) begins. After much thought, I acted by choosing this new journey into the world of Artisan Jewelry. It’s a big jump, but one I never regret.

I run my online store in the US, but my artisans are based in Colombia where I come from. 

My goal is to provide customers with high-quality handmade jewelry that they cherish for life. We offer pieces that are unique and stylish, handmade with love to fit every occasion and taste.

I hope you'll like what you see and be inspired by the eye-catching designs, materials, techniques, and passion for the life that goes into our artisan jewelry. Please look at for our full range of jewelry pieces I’m sure you’ll love!